Faith As Your Fuel

Our prayers continue to go up for those who have been affected in any way, by Superstorm Sandy.

These last few days have been reminiscent of a scene from the television show ‘Revolution’. What would you do if the lights went out forever? Well, our fair City is not on the forever timeline but for the days and weeks to come, it’s going to be a journey of Faith.

Standing in line for fuel for hours which for some turned into days was disturbing. For most who needed gas to get their homes back to normal the experience is one that can break their Spirit.

Their tenacity should be an example of faith fueling our desires. You may have to stand on a line for days, months and even years in order to get the desires of your heart, don’t fret about it because it will come to pass.

Know that things may not work out how you want and when you want, but, if you are ‘patient, determined and remain focused, you will see light at the end of one tunnel.

Your breakthrough may not be groundbreaking news, it may be as simple as getting enough gas to get our life in order. In order to get the full lesson from the experience, one must be:

  • Patience: Your time will come
  • Determined: nothing will deter you from your mission.
  • Focused: know your plan and stay in the path.

Those who are rebuilding are experiencing these very emotions even though  it seems thy they are not.

  1. They are patient within the chaos. Help is not as swift, but it’s coming. 
  2. They are determined because they want to return to normalcy before the weather gets worse. 
  3. They are focused on the task at hand. 

Let faith be your fuel through all trials and journeys. SEE FUEL FAITH VIDEO

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