SWOT The Resolution

Most organizations conduct a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis in order to assess their companies/personal capabilities. They usually conduct this analysis annually or whenever an internal audit is taking place.  This exercise allows the company to assess the good, bad and potential ugly that can impact their success.

Some individuals conduct personal SWOT analysis when they are getting ready to embark on a career path or personal journey. The outcome of the personal SWOT is usually very subjective because it’s reflecting a personal assessment. If someone else conducts that same interview with others about you, the outcome will be somewhat different.

What is a SWOT?

  • Strengths: What are your strengths? They need to be maintained.
  • Weaknesses: What are you weaknesses? They need to be improved or stopped.
  • Opportunities: What are your opportunities? You need to capture each and prioritize them according to how and when you can access them.
  • Threats: What are you threats? They need to be eliminated

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Ultimately, your goal is to conduct a personal SWOT before the end of 2012. You create new goals every year and some of them just don’t get near completion because of variables beyond your control. If you are able to identify them, you are able to deal with them accordingly.

If you a creating a personal SWOT, create a list of direct questions that you will answer for yourself. You won’t ask someone’s opinion and you won’t be able to lie to yourself. Think about the area that you are trying to embark on and ask yourself questions about what you have, need, want and cannot do in that field.

If you feel that asking questions won’t get you far, choose instead to list all of your qualities within the SWOT model. So, start by listing your strengths in that area, then on with the weakness, opportunities and threats. It seems crazy, but you have to take the time to invest in your personal growth in order to be successful in the world.

For example: THREATS
What threats could harm you?
What is your competition doing?
What threats do your weaknesses expose you to?

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